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Day Training Program

students at work
student group shot at Christmas

Our program provides adults ages 18 and older with developmental disabilities the opportunity for community inclusion, skills development, basic adult education, and vocational training.  The day program offers individuals the opportunity to improve upon the skills they already have or acquire additional skills needed to assist them in being active in our community.

We are private pay training center and there is a small tuition to attend PTC.

PTC,  in conjunction with a granted vehicle from FDOT,  provides transportation services.  Transportation service are on a fee  basis.

We have an active work program for students with higher functioning skills.  Our students learn skills in plant care and production as well as landscaping opportunities.  Please keep your family member or care recipient active in meaningful opportunities that may prepare them for future employment and independence.

Our work program pays the student under special minimum wage guides.  Often the student worker is able to pay his / her tuition and have funds left over to spend on their private daily expenses and fun activities.  We have confidence our students feel a true accomplishment having spent the day in meaningful relationships and a productive work situation.

We have established COVID-19 safety protocols. We changed the layout of our classrooms to keep our students socially distanced and we also purchased contactless thermometers to ensure that students arrived without fever. We encourage frequent handwashing and have hand sanitizer and CDC approved sanitizer.

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